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Skin tags removal

There are many different types of benign skin lesions. The most common are skin tags, also known as acrochorda (in dermatology). They are bits of benign skin growth that hang from the surrounding skin by a narrow stalk. Skin tags can be smooth or wrinkled, flesh colored or slightly brown, and usually irregular in shape.


Skin tags may appear on any part of the human body. They are more often found on the neck, armpits, eyelids, under the breasts, and other areas where skin frequently rubs against skin or clothing. If a skin tag is irritating or cosmetically unwanted, it can be removed through one of these most common methods: freezing, burning, or cutting. In some cases more than one treatment is required to remove them completely.

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Anti Hair Loss Treatment

It is frustrating to lose hair at any age for men and women. Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is what causes the hair loss. When a man begins to lose his hair, certain genetically programmed follicles begin to develop DHT receptor sites. DHT attaches itself to these sites and begins to treat the follicle as a foreign object in the body. This chemical change not only affects hair, but it can also cause itching, inflammation and oiliness in surrounding area.


Affected by DHT, the follicle begins to diminish with every growth cycle until it disappears in a few years. We offer complex treatments including needle-free mesotherapy (professional treatment in our centre) and shampoo, conditioner and supporting dietary supplements (for home care). When this therapy is used, both the formation of DHT receptor sites and the ability of DHT to attach to them in the hair follicle are inhibited.


The course of different types of mesotherapy with maintainance during the year is required for better results. The earlier you start – the better result you will get.

Lymphatic Drainage

The lymphatic system is part of the immune system of the body. It acts as a universal cleanser of the body. It filters and cleans fluids, cell wastes, viruses and bacteria. When the lymph system works well, you will experience a healthy life and good protection from diseases. In properly functioning conditions, lymph fluid drains back toward the heart. A failing lymphatic drainage is a natural process, commonly caused by lack of exercise, poor diet, pollutants, pregnancy, injury or surgery. You may feel tired or be more prone to colds, infections or even more serious conditions.

We offer Lymphatic Drainage therapy to help this system work efficiently. The most common benefits of this treatment are: the improvement of microcirculation, waste and toxin removal and, as a result, improvement of the immune system, not to forget about improvement of skin appearance and cellulite reduction. There are some contraindications applied for this treatment.

Also this treatment is a part of our Weight Loss program.

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Body Treatments at Bradford

Laser Hair Removal 

Laser Hair Removal is the use of light energy to produce long-term hair reduction. This is accomplished by producing heat in the hair, which is transferred to the hair follicle, destroying it.

The hairs go through three different stages during their life cycle at different periods of time and are most vulnerable to laser at their active stage of life. This is one of the reasons why several treatments are required to assure the destruction of all hair follicles.

The laser is locked on the target, which is the melanin pigment contained within the hair shaft. There is a difference in the treatment of dark skin tones and light skin tones, therefore great expertise on behalf of the technician is required. In our centre, Laser Hair Removal treatment is individualized for each patient. We introduce LHE technology which is safe to all skin types including Skin Type V – VI. This technology is suited to treat any areas of the body with minimal to no discomfort. The number of treatments required to get the best result is individual and depends on skin and hair type.

Treatment  prices start from $85 

Some conditions applied. All prices are subject to HST.

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